I like big tails and I cannot lie! (Lavender Dream Farms Review)

I also have fuzzy ears.

After a lifetime of tail-envy, I finally have a horse with Brigitte Bardot hair . . . sort of. Let me put it like this, Le Doux DFF has masses of thick, wavy, uncontrollable mane and tail. It kinks, it tangles, it mats if you look at it wrong (which evidently, I do daily), and springs happily in every direction – kind of like him. He has so much hair that if I ever go bald, I’ll just borrow a head full of his and no one will notice (on him, at least).

Consequently, I’ve spent the past five years of his life searching for ways to make his hair

See the lushness that is my tail, though it’s not all in the photo? Mom likes my tail ’cause it makes her butt look smaller.

behave. It hasn’t been easy. Before Le Doux became an only child, I never really thought about the issue: he was a baby, anyway. My other horses – Quarter Horse, Sport Pony, WB x Arab, Thoroughbred, KWPN, and Appaloosa x Thoroughbred — had silky “Barbie Doll” tails, which meant I continued using Cowboy Magic as I’d done since my first real professional horsing position waaay back in 2000. But guess what . . . products like Cowboy Magic make my boy’s hair fall out. Actually, so does MTG or anything else silicone-based, chemical, or natural but too strong. Yup. Chunks of black mane and tail fall off randomly if I use the wrong kind of product. It’s not an attractive look, and it’s certainly not healthy for my boy overall.

Consequently, I tried alternatives. Untangling his locks without product is impossible: too thick and too much. I used vinegar (nope), then beer (nope, should’ve drunk it instead), and Pepi World Champion Coat Conditioner. FYI, I LOVE Pepi for coats. In my experience, it’s the very best coat shine on the market. Despite an oil base, it doesn’t attract dust and dirt, and certainly doesn’t dry the skin. But I digress, though I love the stuff, it wasn’t strong enough to get through Le Doux’s tail.

Then I found Lavender Dreams Farms Mane & Tail Detangler at ridingwarehouse.com. I’ll admit skepticism. Frankly, I ordered because it was on sale and because it came with a satin lavender sachet. I’m a sucker for pretty goodies. Plus, I thought “what the heck.” The product quickly quashed my doubts. Unlike most sprayers, this one operated well, and still does. It doesn’t leak, and doesn’t do that weird thing where you pull the trigger but nothing happens, so you try to spray again, and it dribbles (Show Sheen, I’m talkin’ to you). LDF sprays well consistently. Though the product feels like it shouldn’t detangle, it does – meaning it doesn’t seem slick or oily, but more like water. Interestingly, it works equally well on dry OR wet hair, which is unusual for coat products, in my experience. Tangles literally fall apart after treatment, and although shavings and briars don’t just drop off like with Show Sheen or Cowboy Magic, they’re very, very easy to pull out.

Finally, in addition to tail taming, LDF helps Le Doux’s skin stay happy and hydrated, so I’m dealing less frequently with a flaky crest and dock. All in all, I’m thrilled with Lavender Dreams Farms products: I don’t have a negative thing to say about them. Plus, they’re a horse and donkey rescue, so there’s that. Oh, and my truck smells AMAZING thanks to their lavender sachet.

I should also note that I’m not compensated by Lavender Dreams Farm Rescue, or Riding Warehouse – or anyone, frankly. I’m a dead-broke professor and equestrian who loves her silly animals beyond all reason. That means this review and the others I write are true to my experience, and not funded by anyone but myself.

– Piaffe Girl


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